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Think fast and click faster! Try to remove as many sets of matching tiles as you can in 5 minutes.

Game Rules:
Remove matching pairs of tiles from the gameboard. You may only select and remove tiles that are not obstructed, e.g. tiles that do not have another tile on top of them and have at least one side (left or right) clear. You are awarded 10 points for each set of tiles removed. If you finish the game before the timer runs out in five minutes, you will receive five points for each second not used.

All Time High Scores
 Position  Username  Score:
1 jillbabies 1465
2 Mwinkler 1450
3 Marymary 1415
4 skelemen 1400
5 ohdeary 1385
6 bigchief 1355
7 ricogambit 1245
8 cuikaining 1215
9 michaelptak 1190